I can help. I’m a physical therapist who has helped dozens of people improve or resolve their sleep problems.

Are you one of millions of people worldwide who suffers from sleep apnea?

With a little insight from a sleep coach who has extensive training and certifications, the answer might surprise you.

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects people's breathing while asleep. When people think of sleep apnea, we might imagine an overweight old man hooked up to a C-PAP machine to keep him from snoring at night. 

Reality couldn’t be further from the truth: Sleep apnea can affect anybody — including you!

You deserve a refreshing sleep every night.

Let's explore the journey to revitalizing rest together. Here are some of the benefits you'll appreciate:

Enhanced Daily Energy

Experience a boost in your day-to-day energy and vitality.

Improved Mood

Navigate your day with a more positive and stable mood.

Sharper Focus

Gain clarity and concentration for all your tasks and projects.

How do you know if you have sleep apnea?

Here are some of the signs and symptoms:

You toss and turn at night or suffer from insomnia.


A dentist or loved one has said you grind your teeth.


You feel sluggish, fatigued, or plagued with aches and pains, despite an active lifestyle or sleeping “great”.


You are prone to mood swings or irritability.


You have a line in the middle of your tongue


You have a history of headaches.


You are medicated for high blood pressure, but don’t know the cause.


You have mouth issues – such as an overbite, or ongoing jaw and teeth pain.


You have cognitive issues – such as brain fog, lack of focus and processing, or memory loss.

Sleep apnea is linked to a multitude of other issues, such as jaw health, improper breathing, headache prevalence, how active we are, and even ADHD.

There are many reasons a person might have sleep apnea, be they an infant, a teen, or an adult. Sleep apnea can affect anybody — even high level athletes.

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Improve your sleep while you’re awake!

Many people take melatonin at night to help them get to sleep, but did you know our bodies already produce melatonin, naturally?

What if the secret to better sleep doesn’t come from a pill bottle?

Working with me can help you develop healthy habits and sleep hygiene that can aid in not only a better night’s rest, but manage headaches, muscle and joint pain, alleviate jaw and mouth problems, improve focus and mental clarity, and much much more.

My journey from struggling with sleeplessness to becoming a sleep coach was fueled by personal challenges.

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"After struggling with severe sleep apnea and the discomfort of a CPAP mask, I discovered Tierney's program, which transformed my sleep quality and reduced my apnea episodes significantly.

Thanks to Tierney, I no longer need the CPAP and enjoy refreshed, focused days."


"Working with Tierney resolved my issues with constipation, jaw, and neck pain, significantly improving my sleep, focus, and overall well-being.

Her personalized approach and effective techniques are highly commendable."


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